Irrigation Solenoid Valve 1″BSP


  • Perforated (14 paths) debris resistant, Nitrile diaphragm assembly.
  • Large balanced diaphragm (no spring).
  • Extremely slow closing (only causes pressure spike of 15%).
  • Industry’s lowest frictional losses (see graph).
  • Heavy duty, corrosion and UV resistant 30% glass filled nylon 66 construction.
  • Pressure range from 70 – 1250 kPa.
  • Threaded bonnet permits fast and easy servicing.
  • Australian made and designed.Manual internal bleed enables valve to be opened without filling valve box with water.
  • Encapsulated 25% glass filled nylon 66, solenoid assembly.
  • Ergonomic flow control handle allows precise flow adjustment.
  • Removable, “tamper resistant” flow control handle.
  • Easy to read “Flow” direction arrows for installation.
  • Serviceable with 22mm metric socket/spanner.
  • 25mm female BSP inlet and outlet.
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Functional Requirements

  • Standard piping configurations are made to the inlet of the valve by connecting via the 1” BSP Female thread connection. The piping connections to the outlet of the valve are made via a 1” BSP Female thread connection. This product has been designed to meet all requirements enabling it to be connected to a mains water supply provided it meets the Hydraulic Performance Criteria stated in this specification.
  • The valve has an inbuilt manual override function enabling it to be operated without applying electrical current to the solenoid.
  • For best performance especially at low pressures, the valve should be mounted in a horizontal position with the solenoid standing in an upright position.
  • The amount of flow can be adjusted through the inbuilt flow control handle.
  • The leads are 0.75mm 2 tin plated conductors. Standard lead length is 300mm.

Ambient Conditions

  • The valve will operate correctly within the following temperature conditions;
  • Ambient temperature: 2° C to 60°
  • Relative humidity : 0% to 100%
  • Temperature of water: 2° C to 80° C

Inlet and Outlet Configurations

  • Inlet
    • 1” BSP Female thread connection (AS1722)
  •  Outlet
    • 1” BSP Female thread connection (AS1722)


The following are clearly visible:

  • The manufactures names
  • The model type number
  • Nominal voltage, frequency and power rating
  • Date of manufacture code
  • Direction of flow arrow

Valve Performance

  •  Resistance to bursting pressure
    • Minimum static bursting pressure > 6.5 Mpa (65 bar), reached through a gradual pressure increase spread over 20 seconds starting from atmospheric pressure.
  • Resistance to external pressure peaks (water hammer peaks)
    • The valve will withstand 100 cycles of 5.0 Mpa transient peaks (peak width of 200ms)
  • Strength of coupling thread
    • With a minimum of 5 full threads engaged, the inlet and outlet coupling threads do not strip or break when subjected to a tightening torque of 50Nm.


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Additional information

Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 5 cm


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