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  • Irrigation Solenoid Valve 1″BSP

    • Perforated (14 paths) debris resistant, Nitrile diaphragm assembly.
    • Large balanced diaphragm (no spring).
    • Extremely slow closing (only causes pressure spike of 15%).
    • Industry’s lowest frictional losses (see graph).
    • Heavy duty, corrosion and UV resistant 30% glass filled nylon 66 construction.
    • Pressure range from 70 - 1250 kPa.
    • Threaded bonnet permits fast and easy servicing.
    • Australian made and designed.Manual internal bleed enables valve to be opened without filling valve box with water.
    • Encapsulated 25% glass filled nylon 66, solenoid assembly.
    • Ergonomic flow control handle allows precise flow adjustment.
    • Removable, "tamper resistant" flow control handle.
    • Easy to read "Flow" direction arrows for installation.
    • Serviceable with 22mm metric socket/spanner.
    • 25mm female BSP inlet and outlet.
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  • Irrigation Solenoid Valve 1″BSP

    ***2 Valves shown for illustration purposes*** Irrigation Solenoid 1"BSP In (Male)  -1"BSP Out (Female) 24VAC 50LPM with Integrated Manifold This is a Very High Quality 24Vac Solenoid Valve made in Australia. This Valve is suitable for irrigation of plants and Lawns up to 100LPM and will connect to any Irrigation Controller on the market. The Valve is made from a very tough Glass Filled Nylon and is UV stabilized and so is especially formulated for the tough Australian Conditions. It is one of the rare irrigation valves on the market that has WaterMark Approval to ATS 5200.030 The valve has a Max operating Pressure of 1250Kpa and will work right down to 50Kpa.
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  • Opensprinkler 3.0

    OpenSprinkler is an open-source, web-based smart sprinkler controller for lawn and plant watering, drip irrigation, farm irrigation, hydroponics etc. NOTE: you will receive OpenSprinkler 3.0, with built-in WiFi and OLED display. You can choose between AC-powered or DC-powered version. Take a look at this Getting Started Guide for details of this version. Among the new features, 3.0 supports built-in WiFi, Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware update, and 2 independent sensors. It no longer has wired Ethernet port (if you need wired connection, you can get a travel router with Access Point (AP) support, which serves as a seamless interface between wired Ethernet and WiFi)
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  • OpenSprinkler Pi (OSPi)

    OpenSprinkler Pi is an extension board for Raspberry Pi (RPi) (RPi 0; RPi 1 Model A+/B+; RPi 2; RPi 3). It allows RPi to directly access and control sprinkler valves. It comes with a set of laser cut acrylic enclosure. NOTE: – Includes laser cut acrylic enclosure (as shown in the picture). – RPi is NOT included, no LCD; 24VAC transformer is NOT included by default. – Due to the power consumption of RPi 3, if you plan to use RPi 3, you may need an additional USB adapter to power RPi 3 directly through its microUSB port. – This version WILL NOT fit RPi 1 Model A or B.
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  • OpenSprinkler Zone Expander

    OpenSprinkler Zone Expander provides an easy and inexpensive way to increase the number of stations for your OpenSprinkler. Each expander adds 16 zones. NOTE: please choose the correct version. If you have OpenSprinkler 2.x or OpenSprinkler Pi, you must choose Expander 2.1. If you have OpenSprinkler 3.0 (built-in WiFi), you must choose Expander 3.0. Choose AC or DC depending on your main controller (DC controller is marked 'DC' on the front). OpenSprinkler Pi (OSPi) must use Expander 2.1 AC.
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  • Power Supply 24VAC 1A Unregulated Bare Ends

    This 24VAC transformer powers both your OpenSprinkler AC controller and your sprinkler valve. A useful plug pack suitable for any device requiring 24VAC power up to 1 amp. Ideal for our irrigation valves and controllers. (AC Powered versions)
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