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  • Opensprinkler 3.0

    OpenSprinkler is an open-source, web-based smart sprinkler controller for lawn and plant watering, drip irrigation, farm irrigation, hydroponics etc. NOTE: you will receive OpenSprinkler 3.0, with built-in WiFi and OLED display. You can choose between AC-powered or DC-powered version. Take a look at this Getting Started Guide for details of this version. Among the new features, 3.0 supports built-in WiFi, Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware update, and 2 independent sensors. It no longer has wired Ethernet port (if you need wired connection, you can get a travel router with Access Point (AP) support, which serves as a seamless interface between wired Ethernet and WiFi)
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  • OpenSprinkler Pi (OSPi)

    OpenSprinkler Pi is an extension board for Raspberry Pi (RPi) (RPi 0; RPi 1 Model A+/B+; RPi 2; RPi 3). It allows RPi to directly access and control sprinkler valves. It comes with a set of laser cut acrylic enclosure. NOTE: – Includes laser cut acrylic enclosure (as shown in the picture). – RPi is NOT included, no LCD; 24VAC transformer is NOT included by default. – Due to the power consumption of RPi 3, if you plan to use RPi 3, you may need an additional USB adapter to power RPi 3 directly through its microUSB port. – This version WILL NOT fit RPi 1 Model A or B.
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  • Irrigation Solenoid Valve 1″BSP

    • Perforated (14 paths) debris resistant, Nitrile diaphragm assembly.
    • Large balanced diaphragm (no spring).
    • Extremely slow closing (only causes pressure spike of 15%).
    • Industry’s lowest frictional losses (see graph).
    • Heavy duty, corrosion and UV resistant 30% glass filled nylon 66 construction.
    • Pressure range from 70 - 1250 kPa.
    • Threaded bonnet permits fast and easy servicing.
    • Australian made and designed.Manual internal bleed enables valve to be opened without filling valve box with water.
    • Encapsulated 25% glass filled nylon 66, solenoid assembly.
    • Ergonomic flow control handle allows precise flow adjustment.
    • Removable, "tamper resistant" flow control handle.
    • Easy to read "Flow" direction arrows for installation.
    • Serviceable with 22mm metric socket/spanner.
    • 25mm female BSP inlet and outlet.
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  • OpenSprinkler Zone Expander

    OpenSprinkler Zone Expander provides an easy and inexpensive way to increase the number of stations for your OpenSprinkler. Each expander adds 16 zones. NOTE: please choose the correct version. If you have OpenSprinkler 2.x or OpenSprinkler Pi, you must choose Expander 2.1. If you have OpenSprinkler 3.0 (built-in WiFi), you must choose Expander 3.0. Choose AC or DC depending on your main controller (DC controller is marked 'DC' on the front). OpenSprinkler Pi (OSPi) must use Expander 2.1 AC.
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